Is It Possible to Spy on Cell Phones?

spy on cell phoneThe simple answer to the question is that you most certainly can spy on cell phones however you may have a question in your mind as to if it justified.

When pondering the answer to the second question, consider that cell phone spying has to do with looking out for those you love or are responsible for. It is not only about spying on someone else.

Keep reading and see why you can spy on the cell phones carried by your kids, employees, or spouse and rest easy that you are justified in doing so.

A Cell Phone Spy for Parents

Parents can use a cell phone spy for monitoring the activities of their kids when they are away from home. Consider that your children will not tell you everything about what they do when under your care. However you as a parent need to know because you are concerned about their welfare.

Some of the truths that you will discover with a cell phone spy running on your child's smartphone include:

  • Seeing the websites they visit
  • Knowing their location through GPS tracking
  • Keeping track of who their friends are
  • Seeing the pictures they take
  • Viewing of all text messages received or sent

As you can see, a cell phone spy tells you just about anything you need to know when your child is away from home. Furthermore, because all written and voice communications include other contacts, you can see clearly with whom your children are communicating. This gives you some lead time to take action and steer your children away from those you would rather they not associate with.

It also tells you if they are going to inappropriate websites using their smartphone's browser. At home, your child might not visit these websites because of fear of being caught however the cell phone spy extends your eyes for monitoring their web activity and enforcing your rules.

Employers and the Cell Phone Spy

When you as an employer issue smartphones to your employees for their jobs you are totally justified in knowing how those devices are used. Abuse of employee issued smartphones affects employee productivity. However, with a cell phone spy you as an employer can monitor your employees while they use their smartphones no matter where they go such as:

  • Determining the employees who are deserving of a bonus or promotion (the ones who don't waste time)
  • Knowing their every activity at work
  • Tracking a lost or stolen cell phone with GPS positioning
  • Stopping time wasting because of excessive chatting

Time wasting by using a smartphone for excessive chatting is probably one of your greatest concerns as an employer. Without a cell phone spy running on their company-issued smartphone an employee could waster hours each day chatting with friends using an instant messenger such as WhatsApp.

Worse yet, they might use their smartphones to chat several hours each day using SMS which could be quite expensive. With a cell phone spy, you can see all of these and take action as required.

Catching a Cheating Spouse

You have every right to monitor the smartphone that your spouse carries with cell phone spy software if you suspect him of having an affair. If you don't find out the truth ahead of time it could be quite embarrassing and damaging when it does come out. Thus, a cell phone spy can help you by:

  • Discovering who the other person is
  • Protecting your self-esteem and avoiding depression
  • Saving your marriage
  • Protecting yourself and your family

With a cell phone spy, you will be able to discover who your spouse's affair partner is and present him with the fact that you know. Early detection of an affair along with counseling could just save your marriage.

Affairs at times can get ugly. It could be that your cheating spouse is planning to divorce you and thinking of a strategy to get as many of the family's assets that he can. With early detection, you have time to think of a counter-strategy or even consult an attorney before letting yourself be caught by surprise in this vulnerable position.

Of course when the cell phone spy software allows you to be in control during the entire affair situation it might just ward off severe depression and allow you to maintain your self-esteem.

The Answers with SpyBubble

One of the cell phone spy solutions on the market that is both powerful and affordable is SpyBubble. It gives you all the help that you need when it comes to monitoring a smartphone and runs silently and fully undetectable. With SpyBubble you get features such as:

  • Showing all call logs and telling you with whom the monitored person has been speaking
  • Seeing all locations the monitored user has been to include the current
  • Basic statistics that show the number of calls made/received
  • Collecting every photo and video taken and sending it to our subscriber control panel
  • Viewing the full text plus sender/receiver of all emails, SMS messages, and WhatsApp chats
  • Ability to listen in on an active call taking place on the device

The list of SpyBubble features is much longer. However, you can see already that the product is a tremendous help when it comes to discovering the truth about the person you are monitoring.

How to Use SpyBubble

It's easy to get started using SpyBubble. All you need to do is:

1. Get control of the smartphone that you will be monitoring. You need to get control to install the cell phone spy app on the target device.

2. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection.

3. Purchase your subscription to SpyBubble.

4. Download and install the cell phone spy on the smartphone to monitor.

5. Log on to your private subscriber control panel and begin analyzing the logged information as it is sent from the smartphone.

By now you have seen that there are many justifiable reasons to run a cell phone spy such as SpyBubble on the smartphone of someone you love or are responsible to look after.

What makes SpyBubble so attractive is that it is very affordable. You can purchase a 12-month subscription of their Basic version for only $49.95. If you would like to take advantage of their call listening feature, you can purchase their Pro version subscription for only $84.90.

The price and the features that you get are but a small price to pay for looking after the welfare of those you care about and keeping tabs on the use of company smartphones. Visit the SpyBubble website and find out more without delay.