SpyBubble Review

UPDATED October 2014: Just wanted to give you recent SpyBubble updates. The new version of SpyBubble will notify the user of the phone that the phone is being monitored. The user of the phone will be aware of monitoring activities. Find out more...

spybubble review

SpyBubble Review: What Is SpyBubble?

spybubble reviewSpyBubble is the name of an innovative cell phone spy software designed to record the activities on a smartphone and transmit the information to the subscriber (also known as a parent or employer). As the name of this type of software implies, its purpose is to spy much like private detectives do with expensive surveillance equipment. The reasons why people buy this software are described below along with a description of how SpyBubble provides answers to the subscribers' concerns.

The Problem

New problems arise when you give your child a cell phone for use or an employee a cell phone to do her job. There is too much temptation to use the device for purposes other than what it was intended for. Thus you might face situations such as:

  • Deceiving you about where they are at
  • Spending excessive time web browsing and chatting
  • Communicating with those who you wish they would not
  • Visiting inappropriate websites
  • Lost or stolen cell phone
  • Harassment by strangers

And there could be any number of variations to these scenarios and you would not know the truth without SpyBubble cell phone spy software running on the smartphone. Keep reading and see how this powerful app helps you get the true facts about the activities of your employee or teenager.

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The Main Features of SpyBubble

The SpyBubble cell phone spy software product provides the main features that are for the most part typical among the different makers of this technology. These features include:

  • Call spying
  • Logging of SMS/email/messenger text
  • Photo logging
  • Internet activity logging
  • Viewing of the target device's phonebook
  • Calendar tracking

Also keep in mind that SpyBubble can read not only SMS and email messages but also those from the popular messengers WhatsApp, iMessage, and BBM. This comes as useful when the user of the monitored phone wants to circumvent standard messaging methods and use these alternatives.

The Main Advantages of SpyBubble

spybubble featuresYou get some advantages over basic cell phone spy software products mostly by purchasing the SpyBubble Pro subscription which is available for just a small amount more. The product's main advantages include:

  1. Price
  2. Live call interception
  3. Extensive compatibility
  4. Surrounding sound listening and recording
  5. Remote settings changes
  6. Text message redirection
  7. Change settings by remote control

These are actually quite a few advantages considering the affordable price that you pay. Read further and find out just what these advantages provide you.

1. Price

The SpyBubble cell phone spy software bundle is very affordably priced considering what you get. Plus, you have two options: Basic or Pro. For a 12-month subscription, you can get the basic version at $49.95 and the Pro version $89. It is simple pricing as well.

2. Live Call Interception

With the Pro version of SpyBubble, you can initiate listening to phone conversations live. This is always useful for finding out what the monitored phone's user is discussing and can seal in or negate your suspicions.

3. Extensive Compatibility

If you have a smartphone running one of the five popular operating systems then more than likely SpyBubble cell phone spy app is compatible with it. See the section below for a list of compatible operating systems and devices.

4. Surrounding Sound Listening and Recording

Other makers of cell phone spy software have capabilities to listen in on sounds surrounding the targeted device plus record them. What's even more advantageous about this feature in SpyBubble is that you can set the listening device to what the maker calls an “observer phone”. In other words, you can listen as the administrator from your own phone without having to find a web browser to access your control panel.

5. Remote Settings Changes

Another advantageous feature is having the ability to change settings on the monitored cell phone by sending remote control commands. If you don't want to capture certain logs, you just turn their setting to off through a command.

You'll find that some cell phone spy software products require you to get control of the monitored phone to make settings changes so SpyBubble's feature here is quite handy.

How SpyBubble Works

How SpyBubble Works

The main feature of any cell phone spy software product is to be 100% undetectable and SpyBubble maintains this as well. The way it works for getting set up and running is by:

1. Purchasing a SpyBubble subscription
2. Getting control of the cell phone that you will be monitoring
3. Downloading the app from the link provided by SpyBubble
4. Installing and configuring the app per instructions
5. Logging into your private subscriber control panel via a web browser and start viewing the log information sent from the monitored device

What happens after installing and configuring the cell phone spy software is that the app polls for logs and sends them to the SpyBubble servers. You can view those logs at any time from your control panel.

Even if logs are deleted on the monitored cell phone, you still have the information captured. Thus the user cannot cover his tracks as the true facts will have already been transmitted.

SpyBubble Compatibility

When it comes to OS compatibility and the SpyBubble cell phone spy software package, there appears to be full coverage of a wide range of devices and the top 5 smart device operating systems. Thus, with SpyBubble, you get compatibility with:

  • Android (version 1.0 and higher)
  • iOS (iPhone; version 2.x and higher)
  • Windows Mobile (version 5.x and higher)
  • BlackBerry (version 4.2.1 and higher)
  • Symbian (Edition 3, Edition 3 Feature Packs 1 and 2, Edition 5)

Furthermore, SpyBubble is compatible with each iPad model and the majority of Android tablet computers.

SpyBubble Pricing

Pricing was covered in the advantages section above. But to reiterate the value you get with SpyBubble cell phone monitoring software, the Basic and Pro versions can be purchased for a 12-month subscription at $49.95 and $89 respectively.

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Service and Support

spybubble supportWhen you purchase SpyBubble, you get knowledgebase, email, and trouble ticket support. There is no live chat such as provided by other makers but the SpyBubble's support resources are more than sufficient.

As mentioned before, SpyBubble is powerful yet at an affordable price. Get online and find out more and try it out today.